Canon ZR65MC MiniDV Digital Camcorder

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Canon Zr65mc Mini Digital Camcorder with case included

Looking for an easy way to break into the world of digital video? Look no further than the Canon ZR65MC, which makes capturing valuable family memories as simple as pressing a button. It also features the ability to take high-resolution digital still photos and store them on memory cards. Lens The ZR65MC features a high-performance 1/6-inch 680,000-pixel CCD to capture high-quality video and digital photos. The zoom technology found in the ZR65MC lens is the same as Canon uses in its broadcast TV lenses. The ZR65MC is fitted with a high-performance 20x optical zoom lens, which can easily handl

  • MiniDV camcorder with 20x optical zoom, 400x digital zoom, image stabilization
  • 2.5-inch fold-out color LCD screen and color viewfinder
  • Takes digital stills (1024 x 768) and stores them on included 8 MB Secure Digital memory card
  • Shoot panoramic still photos, then stitch together on PC
  • Connects to PCs and Macs via Firewire (IEEE1394) and USB (for photos)

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Canon ZR65MC MiniDV Digital Camcorder

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Canon ZR65MC MiniDV Digital Camcorder