Panasonic PV-D209 Palmcorder Camcorder

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VHS camcorder playsback tapes in VCR w/VHS adaptor, 150X digital zoom, 26X optical zoom, color viewfinder, digital electronic image stabilization, built-in auto light, motion sensor allows you to tape while away w/motion sensor recording, auto titler/phrase titler, 7 mode digital color fader, preset date and time stamp

The Panasonic PV-D209 camcorder uses VHS-C tapes, which you can play in your VCR with the included adapter. It offers a range of advanced features, including a 26x optical and 150x digital zoom, digital image stabilization, and a built-in autolight. It also offers programmed recording, so you can automatically set certain intervals of recording time, and a motion sensor mode, which starts the camera within seconds of perceiving motion and stops 30 seconds after the motion stops. The Panasonic PV-D209 can also record in time lapse mode, enabling it to act as a security device or to create time

  • VHS-C format
  • 26x optical and 150x digital zoom
  • 7 fade options
  • Time-lapse and motion-sensor modes
  • Digital electronic image stabilization

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Panasonic PV-D209 Palmcorder Camcorder

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Panasonic PV-D209 Palmcorder Camcorder