Sony DCRTRV310 Handycam Digital Camcorder

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Hi-8mm Handycam vision digital camcorder w/stereo recording and playback. 360X digital zoom, nightshot infrared 0Lux system, special effects, 3 1/2″ swivelscreen color LCD. Laserlink connection. IMAGE Stabilization, remote.

The Sony TRV310 Handycam provides top-of-the-line digital recording with a host of advanced options, including a large 3.5-inch LCD screen. Its powerful 360x digital zoom, wide range of special effects, image stabilization, and Sony’s unique infrared night recording capabilities make it a great choice for those needing high-end digital camcorder features. Sony’s elongated Handycam design fits easily in one hand and is well-balanced. While not the lightest of camcorders, we found the Handycam line to be one of the most ergonomic and easy to use. The Sony TRV310 Handycam has a nifty status scree

  • 360x digital zoom
  • High-quality Digital 8 format
  • Infrared night video capability
  • Stereo recording
  • 3.5-inch swivel LCD screen

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Sony DCRTRV310 Handycam Digital Camcorder

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Sony DCRTRV310 Handycam Digital Camcorder